Another week

Family & Friends,

Well this week sincerely wasn’t all that great for work. It started off by killing Sister Dias.
i think I didn’t explain in the earlier emails, but Sis Dias had extended her mission one month and was set to go home the 3rd of April. So the beginning of the week was helping her get every thing packed and ready and going with her to say goodbye to people here in Penedo. Then thursday morning she left early to go to Maceió. So now it’s just Sister Bento and I.
Thursday we had district meeting, and since we’re the only missionaries here we had to take an hour and a half bus drive to another city Arapiraca for the meeting. Yeah the ride is really annoying, and we pretty much loose the whole day.
But the meeting itself was pretty fun (see pictures).
The rest of the week was absolutely awful for work. Because of Easter everyone went on vacation. Seriously the city was deserted. It’s probably because there’s not much to do in Penedo so every one left. Every one except for a few people drinking in the streets with thier loud music.
/ugh it’s so annoying.
But thankfully there was General Conference so for two days we stayed seperate from the world.
I absolutely loved conference. It was two days of much inspiration. And I was really happy to hear three new temple announced.
Hope everyone has a great week
~sister pew

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