Another week

[March 30]

Family & Friends,
Well to start off last p-day after emailing we went to visit the city cnter of Penedo. It’s really pretty there, I’ll try attaching fotos. Penedo doesn’t have much, but it has a lot of old and historical buildings. And the river here, São Francisco, is beutiful.
We visited a muesem, and this really cool theater that was built 130 years ago. There are also a LOT of really old catholic churches. They’re cool too.. in a creepy sort of way.
We had a really fun time exploring 🙂
The rest of the week I got pretty sick. Every one says that Penedo is the hotest área in the mission, and I believe it. Every day this week I had a really big headache. So we only went out to work later in the afternoon when the sun is a lot weaker.
But despite that we actually got to work a lot.
We’re still visiting [Redacted]… I think I mentioned him last week. We’ve been teaching him and he’s progressing a lot.
We’re also visiting [Redacted]. We had an awesome lesson with him about the plan of salvation. He had a lot of great comments, and in the end gave na amazing prayer asking for guidance in his life. I think one of the best things about a mission is getting to hear the prayers of investigators and recent converts. They’re so much more sincere and beutiful.
As for [Redacted]’s husband [Redacted] we visited him the other day and he said that he’d actually prayed about the message we’d given the day before. He said that he felt a lot of Peace.
But despite this he still wont allow his kids to be baptised.
But some people just need more time I suppose.
Thanks for all your love and support,
~Sister Pew
Amanda+2 Amanda_river

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