Another week

[March 23]

Family & Friends,
Well we had another great week here in Penedo. Seriously I’m loving the trio I’m in. We’re having a really fun time working together.
And this week some miricles happened.
I mentioned last week that [Redacted]’s husband never wanted her to be baptised. He’s really catholic and doesn’t want to know anything about other churches. But we’re trying to help [Redacted]’s kids be baptised too, and we need his permission. So this week for the first time we taught him.
He made it really clear that he’s Catholic, but for the first time he actually let us teach him. We taught him the Restoration, and he had some great questions. He agreed to pray about our message, but said that he wont change. So… yeah.
But he’s progressing in a weird microscopic way.
And this week we met and started teaching a lot of really great new people. Unfortunetly most of them said that they wouldn’t be able to go to church this Sunday.
So at church we were pretty much expecting no one to show up.
But the Lord is so good to us. [Redacted] brought one of her friends to church, [Redacted]. And her daughter [Redacted] brought a friend too. And on top of that another member brought her friend [Redacted]. So now we have even more new people to teach 🙂
And yeah, that about does it.
~Sister Pew

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