Another week

Family & Friends,
Well the week started out very stressful. In my mission they call up the Sunday night before the transfer to say if you were transfered, and they didn’t call so I thought that my comp and I would be staying…. Só que não.
Tue morning I was peacfully and innocently reading my scripture when they cell rang. The informed me that I would be transfred after all. That I’d be transfered to Penedo and I’d have to get ready to leave wed morning. A little stressed but I started to pack up a few things. About 30 minutes later they called again to say there was a change of plans, that I’d actually have to go the same day, I had to be at the bus station in two hours. Probably doesn’t mean much to you Americans, but I’d just put my clothes in the washer, and here we don’t have a dryer…
So yeah I had to pack up all my things including all my wet clothes.
Then I had to take the three hour bus drive to Penedo. Penedo is a town at the very bottom of Alagoas. It’s what they call “interior”. Basically it’s smaller and a bit less… civilized. But it’s really, really pretty here. Just that everything closes early and the streets are completely deserted after 8 p.m.
The city of Penedo only has one branch, but the chapel is surprisingly big. Our área is literally half of the city. Yeah… And I thought my other áreas were big. They don’t even compare. But I’m liking it a lot here 🙂
As for my companion, well for the first time I’m in trio 🙂 Yeah I have two comps. I never really wanted to be in trio, but surprisingly it’s going great. One of my comps is Sister Dias that was already my comp about a year ago. And we were like best friends so I was really happy to be with her again. And my other comp is Sister Bento. I lived with her in the very start of my mission, we went through training together and were friends. So I’m pretty happy with our trio 🙂
And our first week of work together was awesome.
Sis Dias had been working with na investigatir here named [Redacted]. She’s been wanting to be baptised for months and was taught by lots of Elders and Sisters. But was never able to be baptised because her husband is against the church. Well finally her husband let her. She wasn’t even scheduled to be baptised this week. But we visited her Friday, and invited her to be baptised the nexy day. And she accepted 🙂
It was weird and unreal, but her baptism was awesome. Sis Bento and I came in at the last minute, but were able to participate in this long awaited day.
And that about does it.
~Sister Pew

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