Another week

[March 2]

Family and friends,

Was another great week here in Feitosa 🙂
Our biggest focus this week was trying to follow up in the families that were at church last sunday.
We’re still visiting [Redacted] and [Redacted]. They really like the church and have a great desire to get married. The problems is that they’re both unemployed, and some other problems with laws and stuff. It’s complicated, but possible. It’ll just take time 🙂 But they’re awesome.
Also we’re visiting [Redacted] and his family. [Redacted] loved the church. He liked the members, liked all the stuff he learned there. he has a really great knowledge of the scriptures, and is really happy to be learning more. But he also needs to marry [Redacted]… Ugh there are so many people not married…
Another treat this week was visiting a special part of our area called the Reginaldo. It’s the largest grota in all of Maceió. For those of you wondering what is a grota, go ahead and look it up on the internet. Basically it’s a flavella.
We visited a lot of people there. One of the bests was [Redacted].
In our ward there’s a teenage boy named [Redacted], he’s about 15 years old. Only he and his little sister [Redacted] are members in the family, and only he goes to church. We went to visit [Redacted], but ended up talking with thier mom [Redacted] too. She’s super nice, and when we invited her to church she said that she’d like to. Sunday [Redacted], [Redacted], and [Redacted] were there. It was so wonderful. And [Redacted] cried because it was the first time his mom ever went to church. He was so happy to see her there. He bore his testimony in the sacremebt meeting saying how much he wants to serve a mission. It was really awesome.
Another surprise at church was [Redacted]. I don’t remember if I wrote about her before, but we were teaching her about a month or so ago. She never went to church so we had stopped visiting her. But out of nowhere, yesterday she went. It was so great to finally see her there.
So that was my great week,
~Sister Pew

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