Another week

[February 16]

Family and Friends,

This week my email is a bit late because of the craziness going on here in Brazil.
You Americans might not have even notieed, but right now it’s the time of Mardi Grau (I think that’s how i’s spelt, I really don’t even know any more) You know those videos and movies you see sometimes showig mardi grau in Brazil? Well it’s not like that. It’s just a lot of drunks and loud music, and stupidness.
Last year I was in Aracaju and mardi grau there wasn’t too bad, but here in Maceió it’s a lot worse.
It was pretty hard to work this week. But all the same we actually managed to teach a lot, and meet lots of new people to teach. Just that pretty much all the people we taught went on trips for the weekend, so almost no one went to church yesterday.
But [Redacted] went to church and he loved it, so it was all worth it 🙂
Today everything is closed, including the lanhouses so we had a lot of trouble finding a place to email. In the end we had to go to a member’s house. But finding a member’s house to go to was also hard because almost all of them are on vacation.
The music in the streets is driving me crazy, and there  are a lot of boys in the streets throwing eggs at people
But don’t worry we’re staying safe 🙂
This week will be better. By thursday every one will be back from thier trips, and will feel the sadness that comes from sin and want to go to church 😉
Have a great week
~Sister Pew

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