Another week

Family & Friends,
So this week it started raining a lot more. Ugh. So there’s no one in the streets. And everyone is acting like it’s super cold. Even my companion that’s from Virginia where it snows. It’s like 70, maybe 69/68 degrees and everyone is freaking out. Wow I thought Texas were wimps for cold, but this is ridiculous.

This week we ran into a lot of inactive members, and tried to get them to go to church (for the first time in forever). A lot weren’t there, but a few were and it was really exciting to see them come back 🙂

We’re still teaching the family of [Redacted], [Redacted], and [Redacted]. They’re pretty awesome, and for the first time they went to church Sunday. There was actually a lot of investigators at church. A few that were surprising. Always a good thing.

We’re teaching a women named [Redacted]. She went to church for the second time yesterday. She’s receptive but the problem is… Well she has a lot of problems really. But miricles happen, and we’re praying for her a lot.

We also started teaching a young recently married couple that are super awesome. They already accepted baptism, and the wife, [Redacted] is super excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Yesterday my mission President was officialy relesed. Of course it’s sad to see them go. But I’m really excited to get to know our new president. 🙂

All in all a litle tough, but really great week.

Thanks for all your prayers and support,

~Sister Pew


Another week

Hey family and friends,

Another week here in Maceió.

Things are pretty slow right now, because EVERYONE is on vacation. Or drinking. Or too busy watching the world cup to talk to us.


Seriously it’s super annoying. We’re trying to talk with people in the streets with no luck. When we try visiting people they’re never home.

But this week was good all the less.

Thursday my President and his wife had a going away meeting. It was sad, but really spiritual. They’re amazing people. In these short months with them I learned a lot. And we’re excited for the new president, he’ll arrive the 29th. And at the reunion I (finally!) got the box mom sent me. Whooo!

Best of all this week we had a surprise. Tuesday we went to visit [Redacted], that was baptised a couple weeks ago. When we were there talking with her, [Redacted] (that lives in the same house but isn’t her brother by blood) sat down in front of us and said “I’m going to be baptised Saturday”.

I was like whaaaa….?

But he said he’s dad gave him permission to be baptised. So we taught him about what baptism really is, and he was super excited.

He was baptised Saturday, and it was super sweet. He was so excited, anxious to be baptised. It was really adorable.

I feel really blessed that the Lord basically just handed us a baptism. Haha. It was great.

The work of the Lord is wonderful. I am so grateful to be part of it.

Also new transfer started today. I’ll be staying here with Sis Barker, for which I’m really happy. The area is great, and Sis Barker is a really great companion. One of the siters I’m living with was transfered, we’ll find out who will arrive here tomorrow.

have a great week,

~Sister Pew

Amanda with her package from home

Amanda with her package from home

Another week

Family & Friends,

This week started off really great. Monday we had a FHE with [Redacted], her neighbor, and her family that are members. She’s that lady I think I mentioned that’s been vising the church on and off for 30 years. The FHE went well, but was weird. The members we were there with decided to teach the message, and they just talked a lot about baptism, and then weirdly about the law of chastidy. Me and my companion were just sitting there awkwardly while they went off about this. I was like wow, way to be subtle about what sins they have. Haha.

We’ve started teaching a really nice new family. They’re interested to learn more.  But I think that they (like every one else here) probably aren’t married. Ugh.

This weekend we had stake conference, that was really great, and [Redacted] was there, so I guess that weird FHE didn’t scare her off.

Thursday was dia dos namorados, basically the Brazillian valentines day. Which means nothing to us but to take silly photos.

Thursday also was the start of the world cup. Sigh… We were able to visit a couple people before the game started, but once it had begun NO ONE wanted to talk to us. Not even members. And there was tons of drunks and enthusists in the streets so we went back to the house to wait for the game to end. We can’t watch the game, but every time there was a goal people started shouting and lighting fire works, so we knew what was going on.

After the game ended the fireworks continued for hours and there were a bunch of bondfires in the streets so… yeah. We didn’t leave the house the rest of the day.

World cup + são João = lots of drinking and parties

The next day things calmed down, people are still watching the games of course, but we’re able to teach. But yesterday there were tons of drunks. Usually Sundays there are people partying, but never like this. Every road had at least one party.

It’s crazy.

But we’re still finding people to teach. Still having a wonderful time. And don’t worry we’re staying safe.

have a great week,

~Sister Pew

Amanda and the World Cup

World Cup Fever

Amanda with Brazilian stuff

Brazilian pride

Another week

Family and friends,

Had another great week here. [Redacted] is doing great, and we´re trying to teach the rest of her family… We´ll see how that goes… We always have hope 😀
This week the focus was on finding new people to teach, or more than that good new people. Because it´s easy to find people, but people actually interested… Different story. Like the other night we taught this one lady about the Restoration and she said a lot of ridiculous things like that when Jesus apears again he´ll have to perform miracles to prove he´s the Savior. I tried explaining that Christ never performed miricles as proof to people, but because of faith they already had. But I´m certain she didn´t get it. And she´s super catholic. She told me that she prays to have faith to stay in the Catholic church. So… yeah. We´re never going back there again.
But we were able to teach some good new people like [Redacted]. When we were teaching him his dad went off on some tangent (this happens a lot) about some weird church and [Redacted] interupted him to say something like “But we´re not talking about that, we´re talking about Jesus Christ”. It was pretty great.
Fri we had a really great Zone meeting. They talked about how we need to be prepared and unafraid of changes. To branch out, try new things, new places. It´s more comfortable to stay with people we already know, but if they´re not progressing, it´s time to move on and help other people.
Great stuff.
We´re also teaching the mom of a member that´s been visiting the church on and off for more than 30 years but was never baptised. It´s kinda ridiculous. I think she has commitment problems. But we´re working with her family and trying to help her. Really she´s been ready for baptism since before I was born, it´s all in her head.
All in all a good week. I´m excited for the next. But kinda not at the same time because the world cup is starting.
You should see all the crazy decorations and things people have already put up.
It´s insane. And people are lighting firecrackers in the street what feels like every 5 minutes. And it´ll only get worse. I haven´t even mentioned all the drinking and parting. Suffice it to say that I´m living in a green and yellow Babalonia.
I hope that we´ll actually be able to work this week.
love yáll
~Sister Pew


Another week

This week we had the chance to start teaching a lot of new people, which is always great. A few really promising like [Redacted] and her son. We met her when we were making contacts in the street and she´s super awesome.

Wed we had zone conference. It´s the last ever for my mission president. It was awesome. It was like general conference. So spiritually enlightening. We´ll miss president Gonzaga a lot, but as he said changes are a good thing.
The biggest thig that happened this week was the baptism of [Redacted]. A baptism I NEVER thought would happen.
One of my first days in this area I thaught [Redacted] with her family. We met them when looking for an adress. We taught them and it went really well, but when I invited [Redacted] to be baptised she said what we hear pretty much every day “Ì was already baptised”. We continued teaching her family, but Bruna always said stuff like that and made it clear she was dedicated to her religion. I remember one time talking with my comnpanion and actually said that I was pretty sure she wouldn´t be baptised. hahaha
So any ways, she went to church a few times, but made it clear she didn´t want to be baptised. I kept teaching members of her family, but the focus was never on [Redacted].
Until about a week ago. Friday of last week we brought the Elders to her house to have a baptism interview with [Redacted]´s “Dad”. The Elders asked [Redacted] if she wanted to be interviewed too, but as usual she said “I was already baptised”. But the interesting new thing she said was that the Lord had shown her that the church is true, but she was already baptised and didn´t see the point in being baptised again.
I was super surprised to hear her say that. And it hit me that she hadn´t been home when we taught the rest of her family about the Restoration, and she didn´t hear about how the priesthood was restored.
We couldn´t stay to explain it that night, but we went back the next day and taught her about the Restoration. Focusing on how authority was lost, but restored. She liked the message a lot, and when I invited her to be baptised this time (for the first time) she said yes. I could not believe it. When we left her house I was freaking out, so excited and happy for her. Seriously I almost started crying I was so happy.
When we came back the next day she said she´d prayed about it and recieved an answer that she needed to be baptised. But she said that she would need time to prepare. I explained to her that she was already ready, and invited her to pray about being baptised Saturday.
We weren´t able to meet with her again until Thursday, and then we asked her what she thought about her baptism and she said she really wanted to be baptised, and asked me when the next baptism would be. I told her Saturday, and she agreed to be baptised that day.
It was amazing. Everything else went perfectly. The baptism was awesome, and I´m so happy for her.
It´s been an absolute blessing to help her reach this day, a day I never thought would occur. The work of the Lord is incredible, and can´t be stopped, even by incompetant missionaries 🙂
love you all,
~Sister Pew


Another week

Family & friends,

So another week here teaching and what not.
We had a pretty good week, and are seeing some miraculous changes in some investigators (but more on that next week).
The interesting thing is it seems like almost everyone we teach seems to knows someone inactive. Almost all our lessons lately are with investigators and thier inactive family members. Which is awesome.
There´s just as much joy in seeing someone return to the church as there is in baptising someone.
The kids I spoke about last week- [Redacted] and [Redacted]- are awesome. They really want to get baptised, but thier mom wont let them. It´s super sad.
But we met some awesome new people, like [Redacted]. We taught her about the restoration, and she got really excited and wants to be baptised.
I love experiences like that.
The ward here is really awesome. Everyone here is so willing to help us. We have members that actually ask us if they can go out to visit people with us, or have family nights with our investigators in thier homes. It makes a huge difference when people help. I´m so blessed to be working in this ward.
And my companion is awesome too, we get along really great.
That about does it for this week… Exciting things to come 🙂
Love you all,
~Sister Pew