Another week

Family & Friends,

Another week another transfer.
So Tue I and Sis Dias went to transfer meeting, she was transfered to my old area Atalaia, and now I´m here with Sister Barker.
She´s American too (although people assume she Brasilian until they hear her speak) and really great. Super happy excited person, we´re getting along great. I already miss Sis Dias, but Sis Barker is awesome.
The work is going well too. We´re still teaching [Redacted] & [Redacted] but I´m becoming more frustrated with them every week. They keep saying they want to get baptised, but aren´t doing anything to get married (despite saying they want to) and now apparently [Redacted] doesn´t like him any more. I know I should be patient, but it´s pretty tiring to me. If you don´t like him just seperate! Ugh.
But any ways, we´re also still teaching [Redacted] and he´s really funny but not all that humble. He still wont agree to an exact date to get baptized. Ugh.
We started teaching a young girl, [Redacted] this week. She´s only 13 years old and super sweet. We discovered after our second visit with her that her mom is actually a member of the church. So that was really cool.
We´ve been teaching [Redacted] for a couple weeks now, She´s only 16 and is just loving the Book of Mormon, and wants to be baptized, but her mom doesn´t want her to. Her mom wont even give her permission to go to chuch. It´s super sad.
We´re also teaching some friends of my recent coverts I baptized a couple weeks ago. Thier names are Simone & Wilson and they´re really great too.
Wow I´m teaching a bunch of young people right now… Weird.
Sunday at church we met [Redacted]. He´s been taught by missionaries in other areas for a while now, and just moved here and has yet to be baptized. He already knows a lot, everything he needs to be baptized, but he has a little problem with the word of Wisdom.
So yeah, I´m having a great time here. The area and members are awesome.
Thank you all for all the love and support 🙂
~Sister Pew



Another week

So another week here in Maceió Brasil teaching, and walking, and having fun. 🙂

We taught a lot this week, and met some really promising new people too.

We had zone meeting thursday, and it was fun to see everyone there. But we lost a lot of the day because busses take forever. Ugh but it was great.

We taught a women in the street a couple days ago, and at first I thought she´d be yet another one of the crazy peole I´ve met here because she talked a lot just telling me her life story. But the lesson went great, and when we asked her to pray about the message she said she already knew it was true. And then I invited her to be baptised, and she started crying and said that she will. It was an awesome experience 🙂

All in all the week was great. Once again that family went to church, although not all of them, and they liked it a lot.

Yesterday I got to talk with my family in skype, it was great. Talking in English was weird though…

Today is the first day of the new transfer. In case you´re thing `didn´t she just get transfered a couple weeks ago?´Yeah this transfer was only 4 weeks. Weird, I know.

My companion is being transfered, for which I´m sad. These 4 weeks have been super fun with her, because we´re actually great friends. After 2 days it already felt like we´d been friends for a long time. But it´s her time to work in another area. And it´s not like I wont ever see her again 🙂

Everyone says I´ll probably be a trainer now, but I´m not sure. We´ll find out tomorrow.

I love yáll! Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Sister Pew


Another week

Family and friends,

Well the fall/winter season has officially arrived here. No that doesn’t mean it’ll be any less hot here. What it means is that we’re blessed with lots of rain almost every day. Which doesn’t make our work all that easy.
But we’re still out there working and having a great time every day.
We’re teaching a lot of people right now, especially that weird family I’ve mentioned. There’s about a hundred of them. Seriously every time I go to thier house I meet new people that live there. The other night I asked them how many people live there. They themselves don’t know. Because there’s cousins, and uncles and kids from other marriages and who knows what. But they said that normally during the day there’s at least 18 people there.
Teaching them all is fun, but kinda hard at the same time. Four of the kids went to church yestrerday and absolutely loved it. They’re already talking about going next week. As for the adults, they say they’d love to go, but don’t like that church is in the morning and not at night.
Yeah that’s a problem with lots of peole here. Finding people to teach is easy. But people that will actually commit to doing things are rare gems.
But we’re having a great time non the less. My companion is awesome, and the other sisters we live with are great too. The four of us really are friends, and it makes everything better.
Two new American Elders arrived this week from thier missions in California. They both have about the same time in the mission that I do, but they were in America for all of it until now, so they don’t speak Portugesse. We got to meet them at our District meeting Thursday, and I got to be that annoying American speaking Portugesse with them and helping them learn. Knowing the language helps a lot 🙂
Wed marked 6 months in the mission for me. Which for a sister means that I only have one year in my mission left. And I know it’ll go by super fast.
To celebrate I got a pizza, but seriously the pizza here is awful. Good pizza doesn’t exist in northern Brasil.
True story.
But the point is that I only have a year left, and I’m excitred to experience it. To have a year left to serve and love and grow here in Maceio. It’s going to be awesome.
Considering how much I’ve experienced and learned in just 6 months, I know there’s a lot ahead. And that my Savior Jesus Christ will be there every step of the way. He really lives, and this is really his work.
~Sister Pew


Another week

Hello family and friends!

Kinda in a hurry this week!

Tuesday we had interviews with president, our last with him since he´ll be released in June. The interview was great, but we lost the whole day because we traveled all the way to Farol only to find that we´d be the last sisters interviewed. But it was great to visit with the other sisters, and get our letters.
This week the focus was on [Redacted] and her kids [Redacted] and [Redacted]. Getting them ready for thier baprtism which was Saturday. They´re an awesome family. Very humble, and super sweet.
We taught that family I think I mentioned last week again.They´re great, but seriously crazy. The more I get to know this family the more I´m sure they´re crazy. But seriously I love them.
Honestly we had a hard time finding people to teach this week. So we were out in the streets a lot just talking to people. Which is awesome because you never know what kind of weirdeos you´ll meet. Suffice it to say that I spend all day laughing.
The baptism Saturday was great, and half the ward was there, which almost never happens.
Yesterday we had ward council and it got crazy. Two and a half hours, and a complete blood bath. Every one talking over others, and getting nothing done. It was insane.
Today we found yet another scorpian in our house. This one was even bigger than the other. So right now they´re gassing the place so that we can live in peace.
I´m having a really great time here in the area. My companion, and the other sisters we live with are awesome.
The gospel really is true and I´m having a blast sharing it with people every day.
~Sister Pew
Amanda pointing to the Mission Home address

Amanda pointing to the Mission Home address