Another week

So I finally got transfered this week ๐Ÿ™‚

My new area is in Maceio, Benedito Bentes and my new companion is Sister Dias.
She’s from Rio de Janero, and has a really different but awesome accent. She’s super great. Really calm, quiet, but super funny. Her favorite books are Pride and Prejudice & The fault in our Stars, favorite movie is Les Mis So yeah… We’re already friends ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously she’s awesome. And we’re living with Sister Smith and Almeida, also awesome sisters. It’s so wonderful to be living in a house with Sisters I like, that are here with the same desires to serve and obey. It’s great.
The area is awesome. Way smaller than my other one, and we don’t have to walk a hour every day to get there ๐Ÿ˜€
The members are great, and super generous with food. Everyone at the transfer meeting commented that I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get it all back and more after this area. Seriously I’m never hungry, they feed us so much.
We’ve been teaching some really great people here, but because of Easter a lot of people aren’t home.Brazilians here celebrate the ressurection of our Savior the only way they know how, gettinbg drunk. But we taught a family of eight people the other night that was just awesome.
When I invited them to baptized one of the women said she was already baptised, but the dad said that she was baptised as a baby by someone without authority so it doesn’t count. He said it, and he’s not even a member.
It was awesome.
For Easter here people eat giant chocolate eggs that are basically the best thing ever. A members gave us some, and it was just perfect.
I’m so happy to be here for Easter serving the Lord.
A lot of people like to focus on the suffering of our Savior, but I love to think of his ressurection. That he lives. I know with all my heart that he lives.
~Sister Pew



Another week

This’ll be short.

This week… Ugh.

We had the hardest time finding people to teach. All apointments fell through. Wed we walked a lot, and the other three sisters all got sun burnt and sick. Funnily the whitest person didn’t because she used sun screen and drank water. I’ve seriously become paranoid about these things. But it’s working ๐Ÿ™‚
We hardly taught at all this week.
One day the four of us worked together, and everything fell through. And then there was some crazy lightening storm and the other sisters started freaking out saying it was the second coming.
At which point I gave my signature expression.
The thing we did the most this week was visit recent converts because a certain ex-member of the ward is going around visiting them and talking bad about the church.
Yeah that was fun.
But the good news is that this week at church all the recent converts that hadn’t been to church in a while were there. Just goes to show that the work of the Lord can not be frustrated. No matter what crazy people do.
Yesterday was the last day of the transfer, I and Sister Sarez are being transfered.
I have mixed feelings. Joy to leave, anxiety because the next place or companion could be worse.
But the Lord is behind everything, and I can trust in him.
~Sister Pew


Another week

So the truth is I didn’t work a whole lot this week. I stayed in the house with Sister Sarez two days, and another two days at the stake conference to watch conference.

But Tuesday I did visit some inactive from a list the Bishop gave us. Visiting inactives is always great, you never know what to expect, and they tend to interesting.
The most fun people we met was a couple. They were baptized in the 80’s and didn’t stay active for very long, so they don’t remember much about the church. The guy just wanted to speak English with me (this happens a lot) and his wife is a little crazy. Apparently she’s a missionary, and prophet, and speaks in gifts of tongues that only her pastor can translate. So…. yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh and I also got to see some people in a church expelling a demon from a lady. That was hilarious.
On our way back to the house this guy (obviously drunk) in the street started talking to us, apparently he’s a missionary too. We talked to him and his ‘friends’ for a bit, and every time we asked him why he thought it was okay to drink or do wrong things he said “God is mysterious”. It was really hard not to laugh through the whole thing.
We had zone meeting Thursday, and I got a bunch of letters and a few packages. Thanks so much to everyone that sent me something ๐Ÿ™‚
Conference itself was awesome. Here pretty much everyone watches at the stake center since no one has a computar, so it was cool to watch with a bunch of other people for the first time since I think I was 5 or something.
Oh and you may not remember but they announced a new seventy President Gonzaga that is currently a mission president, but will finish in June. Well that’s my mission president ๐Ÿ™‚ we’re all super happy for him. All of the missionaries were freaking out in the stake center ๐Ÿ™‚
I don’t remember if I wrote about her last week, but last Sunday a girl showed up at church that I’d never seen before. We talked with her, and apparently sge was taught by the elders a while ago, but never baptized.
We visited her Tuesday, and she said she wanted to go to conference to receive an answer if the church is true.
Well she was there, and liked conference a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
Afterwards when I was talking with her about what she thought she said she was surprised by the prophet’s talk. She’d expected something bigger, more dramatic or something.
Got me thinking. Yes he just spoke about really simple things, but things very important. And maybe if we were more righteous in doing those simple things, we could hear about other things.
Anyways I’m so grateful that we have a prophet today that helps us better understand the will of the Lord. And I’m so grateful for modern technology, that I can watch conference from the other side of the world. What a blessing.
Love y’all,
~Sister Pew


foursome Peregrinos

Another week

So this week the focus was [Redacted]. Helping her prepare for her baptism. And her daughters [Redacted]ย & [Redacted]. They’re not quite ready yet. But they say they want to change. We made goals with them to live the Word of Wisdom. But honestly I think they think it’ll be easy. I know it wont be. But it is absolutely possible.ย 

Tuesday we had a great lesson with [Redacted]ย and she was really excited for her baptism. But of course when we came back the next day she said she didn’t feel ready and needs more time. Ugh.
Wed we had companion exchanges and I got to be with Sister Baldomir again. She’s super awesome. This is the last transfer of her mission, she only has two weeks more. So she teaches really well, and gave me a lot of really good advice. I talked to her about all the stuff I like about the mission, and have problems with. She’s a great listener. I’ll miss her a lot. I attached a photo of us together, that also demonstrates how awful I look after a day of proselyting ๐Ÿ™‚
Sister Baldomir was in the CTM during General Conference when they made the announcement about the age change. Wow I can’t believe it’s already been a year and a half. And this means that there wont be any more sisters that arrived before the change. Pretty cool.
Sister Custodio is feeling better this week, but now Sister Sarez is having problems. She stayed in the house two days this week. Hope she’ll get better soon.
Friday we went with the Elders to visit [Redacted]ย for her baptism interview, but of course she was still at work. There was lots of anxiety and going back and forth. But she was interviewed and baptised Saturday.
It was seriously awesome. It’s been a tough road to get her here, but it was great all the same. The first time I met [Redacted]ย she had problems with depression and cried so much she couldn’t talk. We couldn’t teach her, we just sang a “Sou uma filho de Deus” with her. By the end of it she stopped crying and was able to smile.
Every time I visited her she smiled more, and had more light in her eyes. I watched her learn new things, start living commandments. I can’t express how beautiful the experience was. It’s been an absolute blessing, and privilage.
Sunday was the general relief society broadcast, and it was awesome. It was ย great when they had that video of people all over the world singing I am a Child of God. And then the congragation sang the final verse. And I got to be one of those other people in the world, singing in Portugesse. Here in Brasil serving beloved children of the exact same God.
It was a really beautiful experience for me.
Conferene is so awesome. I remember when I was a kid it was such a drag. Super boring. But now it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. I mean, we get to hear a message from the prophet of our Heavenly Father.
How awesome.
Any ways that was my week ๐Ÿ™‚
~Sister Pew
(p.s I got to talk with Sister Chilson – my companion in the CTM- at the broadcast. She’s doing well, but apparently is having some serious hip problems. If y’all could pray for her it’d be awesome)
amanda_fontAmanda with Sis. Baldomir