Another week …

Family & friends,

Soooo last p-day we went to the beach again, and I ate at the Subway there. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had a sandwhich in a really long time… But it was awesome. It tasted like America.
Later that night we went to teach [redacted], the eight year old girl that’s been going to church. She’s really sweet, but doesn’t know much about the gosple or church. We tried to teach her some basic stuff, that she has a Heavenly Father and Savior. But the lesson wasn’t all that great because her mom and grandma kep snapping at her during the lesson. So it was impossible to have the spirit. 😦
Tuesday we had Zone Conference and it was awesome of course 🙂 Such a refreshing spiritual thing. And I got talk with a few of my friends from the CTM, so that was awesome. And it’s just always great to be with a bunch of other missionaries.
And that night I left with another sister (Sister Baldomir) for exchanges. Sister Baldomir is super awesome, and only has one more transfer left in her mission. Exchanges was great, but once again we only actually taught one lesson. Because lunch ran super late, and then we went and visited two recent converts which also took a lot of time. But the one lesson was really good. And afterwards Sister Baldomir said that she wishes she could have an American companion because those investigators never paid as much attention in any other lesson.
The rest of the week we tried visiting new people and our investigators. But the problem is that all our investigators are only home at night or weekends. It’s a real pain.
But we did teach [redacted] again, he’s really awesome. Very open, but he loves the Catholic church and thinks that as long as we  have faith it doesn’t really matter what church we’re part of. So yeah he’s got a ways to go. But he did agree to be baptized 🙂
We also ran into this guy [redacted] a couple times, and we finally taught him Saturday. He’s kinda crazy, and spent the whole time trying to teach us. He would ask us a question, but before we got the chance to answer he would start talking and demonstrating all these verses in the Bible. It was frustrating. But reminds me why I love the Book of Mormon. Life is waaaaayyyyy better with the Book of Mórmon.
Sunday [redacted] went to church which was great. But when we talked with him about it afterwards he said he didn’t like how nicely every one was dressed because for him it’s like they’re showing off. We tried to help him, but I think it’ll go better when we teach him with a member.
So yeah was a good week. Got to teach a lot of people. And now I only have one more week of my training, and then… I’m freeeeee! Not sure if I’ll leave or stay, het a new companion… I don’t know. But I’ll just go ahead and assume that this is my last week here and work super hard, because it could be my last chance here.
The gosple is true, and I love helping the work of the Lord
~Sister Pew
Amanda at Subway

Another week :)


So This week was pretty great.
Last p-day I went to the beach again and enjoyed how beautiful my area is. We can’t actually go onto the actual sand, but we can stand close to it. And I tried tapioca. No it’s not the tapioca you’re thinking of like tapioca pudding. It’s diffferent. It’s kinda a casadia (I have no idea how to spell that any more) but instead of a tortilla it’s tapioca. Hard to describe, but it’s really good. I added a picture of me eating some. Mmm good.
Later that day we went and visited [redacted] again and had a pretty good lesson with her. She’s only 14 but so sweet and so receptive. She loves the Book of Mormon a lot.
But when we went and visited her Tue she was upset because she’s moviong back to Maceio the next day. We were all really sad, but had one last lesson with her. We got her address to give to the missionários there, but who knows what will happen. It’s hard, but I trust that this is the will of the Lord. And hope that she wont ever stop reading B.o.M.
But that same day we taught [redacted], a friend of a member. He’s really great. He was in a really serious car accident 6 months ago and can’t really leave his house because of it. But he’s a happy person with a lot of faith.
Wed we went in circles for about an hour trying to find an adress a member gave to us. Because the roads here are insane, and no one knows how to give directions. No one. But we did teachg a lot of people that day, and that night we had family night with [redacted] (our recent convert) his family (not members) and the Bishop’s family. It was a lot of fun. I love [redacted]’s family (one of the pictures). The Bishop talked about serving your family members and [redacted] ([redacted]’s mom) took the opprotunity to talk about how little her children help her. Which was awkward… Haha but funny.
Friday We taught a lot too. And taught a new couple [redacted] and [redacted]. They just lost thier daughter three months ago. She was only three months old. They’re very sweet, but unsurprisingly sad. But they have a lot of faith.
Sat we taught a guy we’d met in the street a couple days before. He said he belives in Jesus Christ and all these things. The lesson seemed to go pretty well but when we asked him about baptism he said that he just doesn’t have time, and that we wouldsn’t understand because he has more of a social life (or some such nonsense). So we straight up asked him”Are you willing to sacrifice the things of the wourld for Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for you?” (in Portugesse of course). And he said no. So yeah, we’re never going back there.
But that same day we taught a really nice new couple, and [redacted]. [Redacted] has a lot of serious problems. Teaching her is hard, but it’s people like her that need the gosple the most.
Sunday we taught [redacted]. She’s only eight years old, and has come to church with a her grandma a few times, but we haven’t had the chance to teach her yet. She’s really shy, but sweet, and wants to be baptized.
Later that day we taught novos, [redacted] and his sister [redacted]. They’re really awesome. [Redacted] said that she felt the spirit, and wants to learn more.
So all in all pretty awesome week. Are biggest problem right now is that nearly everyone works on Sundays. It’s a real pain.  But it was great to teach a lot of new people.
The gosple really is true!
~Sister Pew
Amanda eating tapioca.

Amanda eating tapioca

another week

Hello family & friends,

Sooo last p-day a bunch of other sisters from my zone came and spent the afternoon with us, and that was nice. They’re a lot of fun and we needed something cheerful after the whole thing where the sister got hit by a bus…
And then Sister Huffaker and I went to quickly eat some ice cream before starting our proselitismo. We went and visited [redacted], and it was awful.
She was progressing so much the week before, but when we got there she was all upset about a bunch of things that her son told her. Blah blah basically she doesn’t believe in the spirit world since the bible doesn’t talk about it or something. She had said that she believed in the Book of Mormon but she wanted us to prove things in the Bible. Ugh it was awful.

We taught her again with members a couple days later and the lesson when really well, until her son showed up. And he went on some religious rant and tried to prove things to us in the Bible and we couldn’t get a single word in. That lesson ended up being even worse. I tried one more time to teach [redacted] with Sister Almeida, but she said that she understands everything we’re saying but doesn’t accept it. That after we die we sleep that there is no spirit world. Blah blah… It was awful. So we can’t keep teaching her. All of our progress with her completely went out the window.
But… More time with people that will accept the gospel 🙂
Half the days this past week I spent in the house sleeping or whatever with Sister Sarez. The other half of the days I worked with Sister Almeida and split the time in her area and mine. It was pretty great.
And Sister Sarez is better now and can walk again. Yesterday she started working again.
And Sister Huffaker and I had an awesome lesson with a teenager named [redacted]. She doesn’t actually live her, but she’ll be here for a while. We met her before when we taught her cousin [redacted], but [redacted] isn’t interested. But any ways [redacted] is reading the Book of Mormon and says she knows it’s true. She’s super awesome.
I’m happy to be working every day again, serving the Lord. This really isHis work, and I love helping His children.
~Sister Pew
Oh yeah we had zone meeting thursday, it was cool

another week :)

Family and friends,

Another great week here in Brazil!
Last p-day was a lot of fun. Sister Huffaker and I went to visit the beach, it was awesome. We can’t actually go to the beach part of the beach, but stuff close to it. We went and had great food and ice cream 🙂 and visited an aquarium where I got to touch a shark 😀
Good times.
This week we focused on [redacted] and [redacted] and preparing them for baptism. They’re both really great. [redacted] and his family are so funny. We read him the baptism interview questions tuesday to help him feel prepared, but we hadn’t taught all the commandments yet so we briefly explained them all. Man I wish I’d had a camera to reccord the expression on his face, and his brother’s [redacted] when we explained Chastity. It was hilarious.
Suffice it to say they were not too excited. 😀
Wed night [redacted] got teeth removed so we decided to give him the full lesson on chastity the next day since he couldn’t really talk. 🙂 haha it was hilarious.
We’re still teaching [redacted] and she’s progressing a lot, but still wont agree to a firm baptism date. But she is so funny. Every time we visit she talks about how I’ll get married as soon as I get home and have a bunch of kids. Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂
And the other day when we taught her about prophets she went onto a rant about how the pope talks with the devil. It was too funny, The whole time in my mind I was praying that I wouldn’t burst out laughing. And the lord answered my prayer.
Saturday [redacted] and [redacted] were baptized. It was awesome. [redacted] was about an hour late because half his family came, but the important thing is that he was baptized.
You wont believe it, but the other two sisters we’re living with got hit by a bus Friday night. Seriously. They’re both alive by the grace of God and not badly injured at all. It’s hard to explain, but basically they were crossing the street when a bus came and Sister Sarez grabed Sister Almeida so she wouldn’t get hit but Sister Almeida’s arm was hit, and in the proccess Sister Sarez’s foot was hit too. Yeah that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. ugh Ingles.
Sister Almeida is fine, but Sister Sarez can’t walk. So this week we’ll be trading off who stays with Sister Sarez in the house. Yesterday I stayed with her. Which meant I got a nap, but I already miss my investigators. Not working for a whole day is no fun.
But I will be teaching again tonight, so that’s great 🙂
The gospel is true. Jesus Christ really is our Savior. And Heavenly Father is constantly watching over us.
~Sister Pew
Amanda touching a shark

Amanda touching a shark

Amanda at “Texas Lanches”

Amanda at “Texas” food place.


Amanda teaching a statue

Amanda “teaching” a statue