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Family and friends,

So this week our main focus was helping [redacted] prepare for her baptism. She’s nine years old and a total sweet heart. It’s been great visiting her every day. And we’ve been teaching [redacted] along side. He’s ten and pretty quiet, but so sweet.
We weren’t able to get him to pray with us after lessons until wed. Finally that day he agreed. And I was expecting a super quiet mumbled prayer from him but no, it was so powerful.
We visited [redacted] more, and she’s changing. It’s awesome to witness. She’s receiving responses to prayers, and becoming more humble. She’s not quite ready for baptism (in her mind anyways), but I think she will be soon.
We visited a friend of [redacted] (he was baptized last week) and she’s awesome. She can’t read, but her sister is reading the Book of Mormon with her and she really likes it.
We’re also teaching [redacted] more and his family. He’s really awesome, very smart and funny. His brother [redacted] is always (and I mean really always) at the beach, but sometimes he comes home during the lesson so we’re kinda teaching him too.
Any ways [redacted] was baptized Saturday, and it was awesome. I wish I could add a photo, but this computar is stupid. Any ways she’s baptized, and was confirmed Sunday. And the mom of [redacted], [redacted] came to church too. Which is great. She’s a member, but hasn’t come in years since she works on Sundays.
Oh also one of the Sisters living with us was transfered, Sister Bento. She’s great and I already miss her. But the knew Sister is from Bolivia so naturally she’s awesome.
So this week was pretty great. Getting to teach so many people every day is so wonderful.
I know the gosple is true, and that with even the tiniest faith in Jesus Christ, amazing things can happen
~Sister Pew

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Friends & Family,

So last p-day I celebrated by birthday by eating ice cream and cake… Good times. Then I had to pack up to visit Maceió for the day. The bus drive there is about 5 hours, which meant five extra hours of sleep. So happy birth day to me 🙂
We didn’t actually spend much time in Maceio. We spent the night and the next morning visited the mission office, and I went to a district meeting there while Sister Huffaker received her card thingie. And then we got back on the bus and I slept more. The bad thing about the trip was that when I woke up the next morning my legs were covered in bug bites. And I mean covered. I atached a photo, but it’s only of the front side. That was pretty bad. Wed the itching got so bad that the next day I asked for a priesthood blessing. And I’m way better now.
This week our focus was preparing [name redacted] for his baptism. This wasn’t too hard since [name redacted] is so excepting of everything we teach. Also we visted Edlah in the hope that she could get baptized with him, but she isn’t ready yet.
Wed we went to visit an inactive member but we ended up teaching her son and the granddaughter of a member that lives next door. [name redacted] (the son) is ten, and [name redacted] (the grand daughter) is 9. They are so sweet and want to get baptized so we’re helping them too.
Friday was my first exchange (I think that’s what it’s called in the U.S) where I switch companions for the day. It was really great. I was with Sister Barra and she’s so fun. She gave me so much encouragement and stuff that I needed to hear, it was awesome. For companionship study she wanted me to demonstrate the first lesson but she wasn’t sure if I could, if I knew enough Portugesse. This was really funny to me. Like I haven’t given the lesson about a hundred times already. At lunch with the members when I finished eating she told me that when I’m done I should say “Eu sou gravita” which means I’m pregnant. Thankfully I know more Portugesse than she thought so her trick didn’t work.  And one of her investigators had thier baptism interview that night so I went with her to it with her district leader, and he’s crazy. So funny. It’s nice to be around Elders, sometimes I get sick of being with women all the time.
Any ways Saturday started off rough. One of our awesome investigators [name redacted] doesn’t want to be baptized. She said that she thioinks she’ll get baptized one day, but she doesn’t want to cause problems in her marriage. This was a pretty big bummer. But that night we had the baptism for [name redacted]. It was awesome. Hard to believe I met him just over two weeks ago. It’s been an awesome experience to teach him. But really it was all him and the Spirit. I did almost nothing.
Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with a referral from the Bishop’s daughter. So we taught with her and the Bishop and his wife. It was a whoel family, and the lesson went really well. We taught the first Vision, and when I asked them if they’d read the b.o.m and pray to know it’s true one of them said he would, but that he already believes it all. Which is just awesome.
So pretty great week.
Thank you all for birthday wishes and your prayers.
 ~Sister Pew
Amanda holding a carton of ice cream
Amanda’s leg bites

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Sorry I didn’t get to read all the emails I got last week. It was a super busy p-day. Right after email I went and got my blood taken for science. That took forever. We didn’t get back until about four so we were starving especially since I hadn’t eaten at all that day. And then we ran out of gas for the stove so we had to wait for more to arrive to cook. It was awful. But that night we taught a family and it went pretty well.

Tuesday the mission president was visiting and we had interview with him and received all our letters and packages. Then we taught [name redacted] more. He’s our investigator that went to church on Sunday. He’s super awesome. He just instantly accept and believes everything. It’s crazy. And after that we had family night with some members, the bishop, and a not very active recent convert.
Wed we had zone meeting which was cool.  We taught the mom of one of the members. She’s really nice but I don’t think she’s really all that interested. And then we visited an aunt of another member, [name redacted]. [name redacted] is very nice but talks a lot. The lesson was about two hours long because the first half was her explaining all her crazy beilefs and we couln’t get a word in. And then we went and taught [name redacted] more. She is so great. Always so cheerful and just an honest person.
Thursday We taught [name redacted] e [name redacted] the first lesson, and there was about a million distractions. [name redacted] straight up asked me what church is true and I could tell he was being earnest. So it was a great lead in but right as we started to respond his phone went off. Of course. This sort of thing happens all the time. But any ways we did get to explain the first vision with him and B.O.M and he said he’ll get baptized if he gets an answer. Anyways after that we taught [name redacted] again and our other investigator [name redacted]. And then I just had a feeling we should visit [name redacted] again. We taught her the first lesson but didn’t have a B.O.M for her so I really wanted to go back. Once we got to her house she wasn’t home but we talked a little with a member [name redacted] [name redacted] that lives with her while Sister Huffaker wrote a note for [name redacted]. The whole time she was writing I was praying in my heart that [name redacted] would arrive, and of course she did. So we taught her about the book of Mormon and praying to know it’s true. It was just awesome.
Friday we tried to visit a referal with a member but no one was home. So we went and visited another past investigator [name redacted]. She’s super sweet and talks a lot, and has a lot of questions. About baptisms for the dead and all sorts of stuff. Everytime we tried to teach her something she’d bring up something completly random that has nothing to do with what we said, like what is the 144,000 people to us. It was crazy. But she liked Moroni 10 and I know she has potential.
Saturday We tried to contact referals but no one was home so we ended up teaching new peope we met in the street. Then we went to the baptism of the other sister’s investigator. And [name redacted] came which was great. We taught him right after wards about baptism and the covenant and it was just great.
Then we went to visit [name redacted]  and [name redacted] again with two members [name redacted] and [name redacted], but [name redacted] and [name redacted] weren’t home. So we visited [name redacted] instead. It was another long lesson, but having the members helped a lot. And [name redacted] loves [name redacted].
Sunday [name redacted] was at church again which means he can be baptised this week. And then we taught [name redacted] again with [name redacted]. Again it was really long, but good. We tried to explain that we need to be patient and listen for a response, but I don’t think she quite gets it yet.
Then we went and taught some new people we met looking for our investigator. And then we taught [name redacted] again. Always awesome with him.
After that we quickly visited some mebers and had coconut water with them. And I mean that they literally picked a whole coco off of a tree cut it open and we drank it. Everyone says how great it is and how it’s good for you but honestly I thought it was awful. It made me feel sick. I’m shuddering right now just thinking about it. But everyone else seems to like it.
And that brings us to today. To celebrate my birthday (that’s tomorrow) we’re having dia de beleza. Should be fun. Tonight Sister Huffaker and I are going to Maceio for a day or two. She needs to renew… Honestly I don’t know the word for it in Englih since I’ve only heard it in Portugesse but it’s the thing that lets her live in Brazil. (and no it’s not her visa, that’s a word I do know)
Anyways tomorrow I’ll be 20… People keep asking me if I’m excited, but honestly I don’t really care.
The gospel is true, it really does bless our lives.
~Sister Pew
Ser feliz é ser Mórmon

rushed email

So last p-day was pretty great, we made pancakes (picture), it was just all fun. we had family night with some members and built grahm cracker houses. They thought it was so awesome that they got to eat food from America.

Sister missionaries eating pancakes

Tuesday I had district meeting. My district here is with the two sisters we live with, and two Elders. They are all really great.(but my first district will always be best) And that day we pretty much just taught a bunch of new people that we met in the street or whatever. And we taught two women that were baptized a couple months ago but don~t go to church very often.
Wed we taught one of our investigators [redacted], and a novo [redacted]. [redacted] is awesome. She has a real desire to know which church is true. The lesson was great except for her friend that randomly joined in the middle. She kept saying stuff like she knows her pastor was chosen of God because he lived through cancer. I don~t know it was confusing and weird. But France is great.
The next day we taught with one of the members, she~s president of soc-soc [Sociedade de Socorro aka Relief Society] and realy great. We taught [redacted] again. She continues to be great. And we taught the mom of a recent convert, her name is [redacted]. [redacted] has a desire to be baptised so that~s awesome.
Friday we met this guy that was just sitting by the street. His name is [redacted] and he is awesome. We decided to teach him right there and it went great. He actually felt and recognized the spirit. It was awesome.
And then we met a mom and daughter [redacted] and [redacted]. They~re pretty great too.
Saturday we went to teach [redacted], a guy we~d met a couple days before and as usual when we taught him he brought out his whle family and there was a bunch of them. The lesson went great, and they say they~ll read the book of Mormon. Good stuff.
Later that day we met a husband and wife with a baby and we taught them. They~re great too.
All the new people this week have been great. I can~t wait to teach them more. Please pray for them.
Yesterday [redacted] came to church and he~s been reading the book of Mormon and says it~s true, and it~s just wonderful! HGe~s so awesome, so ready for the gospel. We aught him again last night and it was just a great lesson. The bad news is he~s going away for a month to work. So please pray for him. I really think he will continue to read the Book of Mormon, but a month can be a long time.
My Portugesse is getting better all the time. I can talk about as well as a drunk person that for some reason only knows church vocabulary.
I keep getting bug bites, and had to get a shot for them the otgher day. It was one of those beautiful moments where I know the Lord is blessing me. The picture is of some of the bites on my arm, but it~s kinda hard to see them all. Today I have to go get a blood test. I~m telling you my companion is a hyper condriac or something. People keep making me take drugs and all this stuff. But I know they~re doing it out of love. At least that~s what I tell myself.
This week I~ve been thinking a lo about the small things that happen every day that just prove to me so much that the Lord is constantly mindful of me. Always helping me and my investigators. I feel His love stronger every day.
Amanda shows the bug bites on her arm.