happy thanksgiving!

Once again I have zero time to email!
Hey fam & friends!
This week was pretty great for me. Teaching, learning, the usual. Last p-day Irmão Alvin took us out and we had a great time. That guy cracks me up. And I had a milkshake, it tasted like birthday cake, and love. I almost cried.
Monday was the last day here fo my roomates and the district just above mine. I already miss my roomates, they were so sweet. And Sister Smith and Sister Oswald had become my close friends so it was bittersweet to see them go.
Tuesday we had an awesome devotional as usual with Pres. Degn. And our musical number was I am a child of God (in Portugesse) it was so beautiful. And we have the best choir director ever. Tell you more about him latter.
Any who, things are going pretty great with my “investigators” they both agreed a couple weeks ago to be baptized so I’m just going over the commandments and baptism prep stuff. It’s great. “Gabriel” continues to crack up, but “Diana” is serious as always. And now I’m getting two new “investigators”, two elders from my district. Yeah we’re now taking turns being investigators and teaching each other. They told us to portray some one we actually know and care about, so Sister Chilson is going to be my mom, and I’m going to be my aunt. It’s great stuff.
Thanksgiving here was really great. Everyone in my district said it was weird to have t-day when it’s so warm, but I’m used to it. Side note, all the other people in my district can not handel the heat. They complain if it’s over 75. I guess the Lord is preparing me for Maceió. Any ways, I sugested we go out and buy a turkey to kill, but no one else in my district liked that idea.
Instead we ate here, and it was the best ctm meal we’ve had. Actually cooked corn, mashed potatoes, turkey, endless ice cream. It was amazing. Just a really great day for me. A lot of people asked me if I’m missing my family, but honestly no. I have all eternity to spend with y’all. Plus I have a new family here.
And today has been great too. I mean I went to the tempel, what more could you want.
Unfortunetly Sister Chilson is having a very hard time. She found out that one of her aunts she was close to died last week, and she took it pretty hard. Plus she’s still struggling with the language, just a lot of things. Please pray for her, or fast for her if you can. Fast for all of the beloved Elders and Sister here at the CTM.
I can’t believe I only have one more full week here, it’s crazy. I love it here, but I’m trying not to get too attached. I didn’t serve a mission to staty at the CTM.
Oh and I got new roomates, they’re super funny.
In the spirit of thanksgiving I want to share what I’m thankful for.
That I have the gospel in my life. That I can share it as a missionary. That I’m here in Brazil speaking Portugesse every day. That I have a loving family, and the best friends. For America, the greatest country ever. And most of all for my Savior Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father. I’ve always loved them, but since I’ve been here at the CTM my love has grown so much. I don’t even know why exactly, but I just love them so much. My heart has grown to fit all this abounding love and gratitude I feel.
I love you all, and hope you will study the life of the Savior more, and feel your love for Him grow.
~Sister Pew

tress semana aqui

once again there will be typos!
Family and friends!
This week has been really great! Although I’m having a hard time remembering what I did on what days.
Sundays are always awesome here. Great messages, getting to sleep. It’s all great. One of the sisters in my district got really sick though and had to go to the hospital. But she’s completely fine now. That night at devotional I met these two awesome hispanic sisters, and they’re now my best friends. I love ’em, and try to see them as much as I can. But it isn’t often. It’s awesome how they don’t speak English, and I don’t speak Spanish, but we can still talk to each other. Love it!
Monday we had TRC again and it went much better this time. Really well actually.
Tuesday was just studying all day. But we had a devotional that night. It was a recorded Elder Holland devotional, so of course it was awesome. Then we had district meeting, my district is so awesome. We al just took turns bearing our testimonies.
Then on wed it was our first time to go out proselyting. Of course I was super nervous, I mean não falo Portugêse, but I was also super excited. We took the bus for about 20 min or so to downtown São Paulo, and just had about 40 minutes. Each of us had three O Livro de Mórmons to pass out. Everyone I talked to was super nice, and all of them except one took an o.l.m. But that was only four people. Still great though. And my district totaled in passing out 24. So we all felt really great.
But seriously there is no way I could have done it without Heavenly Father’s help. No way. I could not have understood all that Portugesse by myself. Especially that one guy talking about all that scientific stuff. And seriously when we’re in class I don’t understand half as much of what the Brazilians are saying then I did when I was proseyliting.
So anyways, it was awesome.
But seriously handing out o.l.m isn’t very effective. I love to imagine that all those people will read the l.m, but there’s no telling. The best way to spread the gospel is to invite your friends. So do it. Quite making excuses. Thier salvation -and yours- is in the balance.
Yesterday we went to the police station, and I’m officially allowed to stay in Brasil, so fiesta time! It was so busy there. The trip took 5 hours. And there were tons of missionaries. A lot actually out in the field. We got to talk to them, and it was really great. But all that waiting was the worst!
Today I got to go to the tempel again. Always awesome. But trafic was terrible today. What is usually a 30 min drive took almost an hour and a half. Ugh. But the tempel itself is great.
My lessons are improving a lot, but it’s hard to tell since we get zero feedback. I love being here sometimes, other times I can’t wait to leave. But I’m past my half way mark, so that’s pretty exciting.
This week I had some experiences which I’ve realized were answers to prayers I said years ago. So yeah, Heavenly Father lopves us. He knows what’s going on, and when and how to help us.
So I want to finish by pleading with all of you to invite all your friends, co-workers, whoever to come to church. Or whatever. Just share the gospel with them.
Also read Zacarias 5:1, it will change your life
~Sister Pew

Weekly update

Family and friends,
(once again limited time, Portugesse keyboard, sorry!)
So I didn’t put it in my last eamil, but here on p-day we get to go out into the city. So last friday we all went out and went shopping, and bought churros. You know, the usual. I got some Brazilian candy that I’ve been eating all week, and now I’m addicted. After I write this I’m going out again, but today is a holiday so a lot of places will be closed. One thing you can count on to be open though are backeries.
This weekend was crazy, but awesome. Sunday the president of one of the Sao Paulo missions (there’s a lot) and his wife spoke to us. It was so awesome. And get this, his wife is Sister Tanner. As in was the general YW president a few years ago. I got to meet her, she gave me a hug, it was awesome.
Later that afternoon I had a few hours of free time so I went back to my room and my Brazilian roomates helped me study Portugesse.
They taught me how to change the endings for verbs, and it changed my life. So helpful. And they were just so happy to teach me. Gosh I miss them already!
Any ways Monday morning went really well, but that night was terrible. One of the worst of my life. TRC was just awful. I understood everything the guy said, but couldn’t remember what to say at all. I’ve never felt more awkward or stupid before. It was like math class, except at least there the teacher is encouraging and tries to help.
Any ways and right after that all the missionaries leaving the next morning were saying good bye. There were two sisters that I grew super close to, and I was so sad to see them go. So that night was just really really bad. Many, many tears were shed.So the next morning I asked one of the Elders in my district to give me a comfort blessing. He’s only eighteen, and at that point I’d known him for about five days, but I really felt like he was the right one to ask. And I was so right. I can’t remember ever receiving a more beautiful blessing, or one where I felt Heavenly Father’s love more. It was incredible.
So I’m feeling much better, don’t worry about me at all.
This Tuesday all of the Brazilians left since they only staty here two weeks and we didn’t get anyone new last week. And The new ones didn’t come until yesterday. So from Tue until Thur we had zero Brazilians except for the teachers. It was weird, and terrible. I missed them so much. Especially my amazing roomates.
But at least we still had the hispanics, otherwise it would’ve been really depressing.
My district played volleyball against a district of hispanic elders the other night. It was awesome, and I hate playing volleyball. Those Elders are just too funny.
Rest of the week has been more or less the same stuff here. Study for 12 hours, teach, etc. I’m getting much better at teaching, but there’s still a lot I need to work on. A lot. It’s very frustrating sometimes, but I still love teaching.
Wed night we watched the devotional given at Provo this week with L Tom Perry. It was so awesome, but what do you expect from an apostle of the Lord? 🙂 In the devotional people kept mentioning the tsunami, but it was the first time any of us heard about it. We’re so secluded here 🙂
My district is really great, we have a lot of fun. But it’s still hard work. Sometimes I feel like we have way too much study time, other times I feel like there’d never be enough to study the language and read all the scriptures I want to.
I got my new roomates yeasterday. They seem nice… So far. No seriously I’m really happy they’re here.
So I’ll finish by asking everyone reading this to read D&C 7-9. The sections about revelation. Know that you are eligble to receive revelation. That Heavenly Fatther always answers your prayers. Just not always in a way you’d expect. You have to think it all out yourself though.
And remember that ones you do receive an answer right afterwards satan will try to confuse you, and steer you off. But to quote Admiral Akbar: “It’s a trap!”
~Sister Pew

Oi from the CTM

Hello friends and family!
Just going to start off with a warning that I’m not typing on an Inglês keyboard so there will be typos!
I case you were wondering my p-day here is on Fridays, and I didn’t get one my first week. So the past ten days have been nothing but work. But amazing.
My flight went well, but was so miserably long.In Atlant I met up with Sister Smith, she had spent two weeks at the Provo MTC but just got her visa. She’s really nice and we got to be companions for the first day here. Unfortunetly our seats weren’t at all close on the plane, but I sat next to some super nice Brazilians. They knew a little English and I knew a little Portugesse so we talked a little. They said my accent was really good, but my nose was stuffed up so I don’t think it counts.
Any ways I finally got to the CTM and it is so beautiful here!
That first day wasn’t the best though. We basically just had a bunch of orientations. I was really impatient to do something. Oh and the sister that was supposed to be my companion wasn’t here because her flight got cancelled.
But that night we watched a devotional Elder Bednar gave that was super awesome.
They basically never tell us what’s going on here. First day they gave us a schedule, but it’s completely Portugesse. They just don’t explain a lot of things here. If I hadn’t made friends with the sisters that have been here longer I’d basically never have stuff explained to me.
We pretty much spend all day studying. If we’re not at a meal or teaching, we’re studying. Or sleeping (but that rarely happens).
We taught the first lesson to our “investigator” “Diana” on Friday or Thursday. I seriously can’t remember which any more. Feels like I’ve been here for years.
The first lesson I basically didn’t understand anything she said. But it’s gotten much better.
At first Sister Chilson (my companion, she did make it here on Thursday) and I would pretty much just read stuff from p.m.g and O Livro de Mórmon to her in Potugesse and read our testimonies. But I really didn’t like that. now we’ve gotten better and can understand her enough to answer her questions and explain stuff to her. But very simply. And I learned very early on how to say ‘I know this is true’ after wer read a scripture.
It’s a little frustrating that I know what I would say in English but still can’t translate yet. But I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m not an English speaking missionary. Otherwise I’d go on and on and share the gospel of Amanda instead of the gospel on Jesus Christ.
Any ways, we basically had very little instruction or teaching until our fifth day here. So I’m still just learning grammar and stuff.
The teachers are great though. They’re also our investigators which is kinda weird, but they’re great.
I really like all the people in my district. There’s one other companiship of sisters, and two elders. The second just got here from Provo on Wed.
You guys know how I laugh at everything, well pretty muich every one in my district is the same. So there’s lots of cracking up. And then out teacher Irmão Alvino is always laughing too. So we mispronounce something and he laufghs, so we all laugh. And pretty soon it’s been like five minutes of laughing. And Irmão Alvino start crying he laughs so much at us. But it’s good because it keeps us light hearted instead of depressed that our Portugesse is terrible 🙂
Sunday we had a really awesome CTM wide meeting. It was all about coming unto Christ. Before hand we had choir practice which every one has to go to. It’s awesome. We sang “Come Unto Jesus” the first and second verse in Portugesse, second in Spanish and last in English. It is so great.
Tuesday we had a member of the seventy visit and he gave us an awesome devotional, and we sand “Don’t forget to Pray” in all three languages. I just absolutely love doing that.
Monday was our first TRC. That where we teach a volunteer, or just share a message. It’s reccorded and we get to watch it the next day. Which is weird.
Today I got to go to the Sao Paulo temple. So beautiful. A lot of people brought family names, but they gave me one there. The sister I did it for was born in 1839 in Peru. Who would have thought that about 200 years after she lived an American would perform ordinances for her in Brazil. How awesome is that!
Any ways, I’m just studying and teaching all the time. Every day since the first time I’ve taught “Diana” I’ve taught. Except for yesterday. But I actually didn’t like that/ Teaching isn’t easy, but it’s what I’m here for, and I love it.
I get along really well with my companion Sister Chilson. She’s pretty shy and quiet, but very sweet. She’s very frustrated with the language though, so please pray for her. I’m not worried about her exactly, I know she has a testimony, but she could use the comfort.
The best thing about being her is the spirit is just here. All the time. And I”ve never prayed so much per day in my life, so it’s awesome. The next best thing is that everyone here either speaks Portugesse or is learning it. And the Brazilians are awesome. I take every chance to speak to them. Which is all the time. My roomates are Brazilians, they’re awesome. Every night we take turn reading scriptures together in Portugesse. We’re supposed to sit by Brazilians at least one meal per day, but I try to every meal because they’re so awesome.
Only the best missionaraies are sent here. Everyone is so kind, and just awesome.
Well I’m running out of time, but I love you guys! Sorry but I couldn’t read and reply to all the emails I got.
I want to finish by inviting everyone reading to read 3rd Nephi 11. All the Nephite not only saw the Savior desend from heaven, but they each got to feel His hands. And that’s when they knew He was the Savior. We all need personal experience with the Savior. Come unto Him.
~Sister Pew
(Sorry I didn’t even get time to re-read this to check for typos)